FSE 242 – Process Hazard Analysis with PHAx™

Course Information


FSE 242 details how the exSILentia PHAx™ module can be used to conduct HAZOP methodology based Process Hazard Analysis. This course is targeted towards students that are experienced in process hazard analysis who want to learn how to leverage the advanced features of PHAx™. It will cover how to configure a project, define risk criteria, and use the advanced libraries to store valuable project specific information. The students will learn how to define units, nodes, and how to benefit from the PHAx™ smart deviations. It also addresses how hazard scenarios are to be defined for use in subsequent lifecycle phases.


Organizer Notes

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Course Duration

1 day


Target Audience

  • Process Safety Engineer
  • Process Engineer
  • Control Engineer
  • Project Engineer


 Course Topics

  • exSILentia Introduction
  • Risk Management
  • Process Hazard Analysis
  • Sample Process: Steam Turbine Generator
  • Project and Risk Configuration
  • Getting Started
  • High Pressure Deviation
  • Low Pressure Deviation
  • Features and Outputs
  • Course Review


What Participants will get

  • Course Manual with class exercises and solutions
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Two weeks of exida exSILentia PHAx software trial license

Course Fees

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