FSE 247-M – Practical Mechanical FMEDA with FMEDAx™

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The FMEDA method was invented to predict failure rates for each failure mode of a device, subsystem, or component. The “Practical Electronic FMEDA with FMEDAx” course explains the FMEDA method, objectives, and output. In this course an example device FMEDA will be done showing the fundamental concepts including environmental profile selection, diagnostic coverage analysis, proof test coverage analysis, complex integrated circuit (IC) analysis, device packaging impact, and functional failure modes.

The course also includes a trial license of the FMEDAx tool with the MCRH™ mechanical component database. This database contains failure rates, failure modes and failure mode distributions for a variety of operational profiles and applications.


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Course Duration

3 days


Target Audience

  • Mechanical Development Engineers
  • Reliability Engineers
  • OEM Engineering Development Managers


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