The mission of exida Academy is to share our evolving knowledge and skills with end users and original equipment manufacturers with the intention that they will in turn design, build, operate, and maintain optimally safe, secure, and cost-effective automation systems as applicable to their functional responsibility.

Our courses are available on a variety of platforms, ranging from public classes and self-paced online training to week-long custom, on-site training workshops. Courses are provided at the Beginner, Practitioner, and Expert levels.

We also offer customized training options available upon request.


CS 100 - IEC 62443: Automation Cybersecurity Analysis, Design, and Operation

This course provides an overview of the automation cybersecurity lifecycle. The course reviews cybersecurity risk assessment, developing zones and conduits, cybersecurity requirement specification (CSRS), designing secure systems, Security Level Determination and Verification, detailed design considerations, and operations requirements. Detailed workshop problems are used to provide students with practical cybersecurity experience.

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CS 201 - IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Software Development

The IEC 62443 Security Software Development training course and workshop was created specifically for developers of industrial control system products with a particular focus on network-enabled embedded control system products such as PLCs, DCSs, SISs, RTUs, VFDs, etc. The objective of this course is to train R&D teams, through a combination of lecture and workshop, on how to properly and effectively integrate software security assurance practices and techniques into their existing software development lifecycle. The training covers all phases of IEC 62443-4-1 (Product Development Lifecycle Requirements) as well as IEC 62443-4-2 (Technical Security Requirements for IACS components.)

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CS 203 - IEC 62443 Cybersecurity for Industrial Automation Control Systems (IACS) for Employees & Contractors

This course addresses the quality and understanding employees and contractors need to have on the topic of cybersecurity for the IEC 62443 IACS space. The access granted to IACS networks is often the same for employees and contractors. The seriousness of access must be established with a joint work process similar to a Job Safety Assessment. The Job Cyber Assessment is a work process to protect both client and contractor from inadvertent impact on the given IACS cyber protective system The ability to access the client’s network without an impact on the IACS cyber protective systems whilst leveraging the tools on site requires a clear understanding of the following.

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CS 204 - IEC62443 Cybersecurity for Integrators and Solution Providers

This course addresses solution providers acting in roles of integrators and on-going support of industrial automated control systems, and how they interact with owner / operators as part of the overall supply chain throughout the owner / operator’s lifecycle. The maturity model is introduced as a means of measuring the quality of an integrators cybersecurity management system versus the requirements of IEC 62443-2-4, which is largely the basis for this course. Some coverage of IEC 62443-2-1 is also provided as a means to show the interface between owner / operators and the integrator.

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Cybersecurity Practitioner

The exida Cybersecurity Practitioner (CSP) program is a certificate program that provides confirmation that an attendee shows competency by retaining the knowledge presented in various exida Academy IEC 62443 based IACS (Industrial Automated Control System) cybersecurity courses.

The CSP program also provides an analysis of where the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses lie, helping participants judge their competency level if interested in obtaining a certification like the CACS or CACE.

List of Specialties

CSP SpecialtyCourse CodeCourse Name
Automation CybersecurityCS 100IEC 62443 – Automation Cybersecurity Analysis, Design, and Operation
Safety Software DevelopmentCS 201IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Software Development
Integration CybersecurityCS 204IEC 62443 Cybersecurity for Integrators and Solution Providers

How to Earn an CSP Certificate

The only way to earn a CSP Certificate is by attending an exida Academy training course and passing the subsequent examination or assessment that will be given at the conclusion of the course. Those who pass the exam or assessment will be awarded with a certificate from exida Academy that signifies competence in the associated field.


Key Benefits

  • Provides proof of competence
  • Increases skills in cybersecurity
  • Increases your value as an employee
  • Increases customer confidence in your specific skill set
  • Differentiates you from your competitors
  • Prepare for personnel certification examinations such as CACE or CACS
  • Opportunities for advancement, responsibility & increased compensation

Latest CSPs!

NameExam LocationCSP NumberSpecialty
Rafaqat AliSingaporeCSPSG 230707 001Automation Cybersecurity
Karthikeyan ThirugnanasambandamSingaporeCSPSG 230707 002Automation Cybersecurity
Mithun BiswasSingaporeCSPSG 230707 003Automation Cybersecurity
Rishikesh DeshpandeSingaporeCSPSG 230707 004Automation Cybersecurity
Jayashankargowda Heraganahalli NanjegowdaSingaporeCSPSG 230707 005Automation Cybersecurity
Nitin KhuranaSingaporeCSPSG 230707 006Automation Cybersecurity
Angelo G. CortezSingaporeCSPSG 230404 001Automation Cybersecurity
Aldin Dela CruzSingaporeCSPSG 230404 002Automation Cybersecurity
Jerard KimwellSingaporeCSPSG 230404 003Automation Cybersecurity
Alex PangilinanSingaporeCSPSG 230404 004Automation Cybersecurity