ISO/IEC 27001:2022 – ISMS Lead Implementer and Internal Auditor Course

Course Information


Our ‘ISMS Implementer & Internal Auditor Course’ based on ISO 27001:2022 standard offers a combination of ‘Implementation’ as well as ‘Internal Auditing’ competency development. The course is designed with a ‘not-too-short-not-too-long’ approach. The 5-days of intense focus enables the participants to gain the desired competencies for ISMS implementation and internal audit.


It is critically important for any organization to establish and implement a systematic approach towards Information Security. An effective ISMS supports an organization preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information by applying a risk management process; it also gives confidence to interested parties that ‘infosec’ risks are adequately managed. Through the effective use of this International Standard, organizations may develop a framework for managing the security of their information assets including business critical information, designs, financial information, patents, customer / employee personal identifiable information (PII) or other information.

Why a combination of Implementer and Auditor?

Organizations implementing an ISMS need their key-staff to develop both competencies. Hence this course is combined to develop the requisite knowledge as well the skills amongst your key-staff.

  • Your exida-trained ISMS Implementers lead your implementation and improvement efforts
  • Your exida-trained ISMS Internal-Auditors lead and develop your Internal Audit teams


Organizer Notes

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Course Duration

5 days


Target Audience

  • Senior Management of organizations
  • Corporate Security Managers and staff
  • IT Security Managers and staff
  • Internal Auditors
  • Risk & Compliance Managers and staff
  • Information Security Managers and staff


 Course Topics

  • ISO and its system of process standards
  • Understanding I-S-M-S
  • ISMS related Terms and Definitions
  • Business Context of ISMS
  • Leadership Roles
  • Planning for an ISMS
  • Resource Management
  • First, Second and Third Party Audits
  • Auditing Terms and Definitions
  • Preparing for an Internal Audit
  • Facets of an Audit
  • Audit Process and Findings
  • Effective Communications
  • Questioning Techniques
  • Conducting an Internal Audit
  • Documenting an Internal Audit Report
  • Executing our ISMS
  • Evaluating Performance of our ISMS
  • Continual Improvement of ISMS
  • Course Review


What Participants will get

  • Course Manual with class exercises and solutions
  • Certificate of Completion

Course Fees

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