Robot / Machine Functional Safety – An Introduction to ISO 13849

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ISO 13849 and IEC 62061 are 2 main distinctive standards used in Machine Safety, which is particularly relevant to professionals who are responsible for validating the safety of machines including robots that use either simple lower risk/complexity systems or complex systems such as PLC’s for safety duties.

New standards like the ones mentioned above are continually being developed, placing unfamiliar requirements on the task of assuring machine safety, especially when more complex equipment such as PLC’s are used. With technology changing, effective competency training of individuals who are responsible for specifying, designing, or otherwise applying technology to safety applications is increasing in demand.

This course will walk the participants through the machine safety lifecycle and will learn about Risk, how to reduce the Risk per ISO 12100, how to determine and verify Performance Level (PL) by considering the Category, MTTFd, DC and CCF defined in ISO 13849, and much more. The main goal of this course is to make not only the factory safer but also to ensure the safety of your employees and financial health of your organization.

Participants are given the option to attend both 2-full days course or 1-day course. The first day will be focusing on the IEC 61508 overview. The second day will be focusing on the ISO 12100, ISO 13849 and a walkthrough of a Performance Level (PL) verification case study.


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Course Duration

Option to attend 2 days or 1 day


Target Audience

  • Control Engineer
  • Maintenance / Instrumentation Technician
  • Project Engineer
  • Reliability Engineer
  • Machinery Engineer
  • Engineering / Operations Management
  • Operator


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